Queue the ominous music!

European Council President Donald Tusk, a man whose fortunes and power rest on the continued bumbling of the European Union, groused today that the exit of Great Britain would imperil not just the European experiment, but the very fabric of time and space! (Not really, but it’s that idiotic a statement.)

Why is it so dangerous? Because no one can foresee what the long-term consequences would be. As a historian I fear that Brexit could be the beginning of the destruction of not only the EU but also of western political civilization in its entirety.

Well, as a historian, I can firmly and safely say this is total bullshit. The only thing this would destroy are the careers of thousands of useless leeches like Tusk who get by ruining the economies of the entire continent, as interfering endlessly in the day-to-day lives of Europeans. (As well as destroying the fine automotive history of the region — looking at you EURO4 emissions standards!)

Everyone in the EU, but especially the Brits themselves, would lose out economically.

Nope. Britain is still one of the strongest financial centers in the world, has oil in abundance, and without the constant meddling of European would-be aristocrats, could use their resources to their benefit. The end of the EU as a political unit does not necessarily mean the end of the EU as an economic cooperative. Trade and border standards do not need to be dismantled (but the latter almost certainly will be due to the influx of Muslim refugees looking to bring the same murderous culture with them that they are fleeing.)

Britain would be just fine without the French agricultural protectionism, the German financial bullying, the siphoning of resources from the PIIGS, or the influx of refugees that found the Czechs much too uninviting.