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And now for a moment of sanity: Most of you didn’t know a single person involved in the Orlando incident. Yes, it’s sad and anger-inducing, but it should be the sort of sadness and anger that is commensurate with the impact on your life.

It’s a good thing to feel some kind of empathy when dozens of people are hurt by a savage, but — just as it was unhealthy for this turd of a guy, who didn’t know a one of these people, to go out and kill and injure — it is similarly unhealthy to conflate the incident with you, your family, your tribe, or whatever.
It’s an attack on America! No. This guy was a killer and a shit; making him anything else glorifies his actions. It was an attack on the whole homosexual community. Only if you let politicians use this to disarm you, my fine, flamey friend. (As I told a gay biker friend of mine yesterday: buy a pistol, ’cause you can’t carry a battleship with you.) ISIS is coming to get us! Well, they seem only efficacious enough to attack a nigtclub. What heroes. (My wife,s response to this was, “I’m angry our politicians have weakneed us to the point they would even try it.” Fair enough — vote to turf the bastards in Washington out.)

I realized this simple fact a few years ago during one of the paroxysms of grief some were experiencing over an earthquake/tsunami in Thailand: It’s much healthier to pour your efforts and emotional baggage into people you can actually help — friends, family, local community, but as you move outward, you have to start rationing that response or you will be forever sad, angry, hurt, whatever. You’ve met these people. Everything is a crisis, every loss a tragedy, any horror angers them to insensate over-reaction. The world hits them, repeatedly, in the feels.

There’s about 7 billion people on the planet. If you give a second of thought for all of them, that’s about 222 years. You don’t have that kind of time. Sure, it’s good to say, “Fuck that guy!” But unless you were directly impacted by the event, throwing up rainbow flags on Facefuck Facebook and calling for the  immediate disarmament of citizens, or bombing of Syria,  might be a touch much.

So have some coffee, or something, stronger, and call someone you love. And calm the fuck down.