So, I’ve seen the new Thruxton R a few times in the red and the fantastic mettalic gray (which looks like crap in just about every picture I’ve seen, but is amazing in person — the metal flake really pops!) but I’ve not have a chance to ride, much less sit on one. And good luck with that, if you haven’t bought an R…they are, according to my dealer, sold out nation-wide for the year.

And good job on not producing enough of these, while continuing to make the old 2015 model, Triumph…disengage sarcasm.

So finally, my local dealer had a base white Thruxton on the floor. First impressions: white is still not a great color for a bike, but there’s not many that are the color, so you’ll stand out. The black/silver racing stripe on the tank is ugly. Get the metal tank strap from the R as an accessory and throw it over. All fixed. Triumph really screed the pooch, stylistically, n the whole modern classic line with the black fenders. Match the damned colors or take a dollar or two hit and do proper aluminum.

Seating position — it’s great! Better than the old bike with less crapped positioning on the legs. About the same forward lean on the bars. The gauges re beautiful. In fact, overall workmanship and look is really wonderful, outside of the drab black fenders. It sounds tremendous with the stock pipes. Overall, I’m finding, had I the dosh right now, I’d probably jump on this bike immediately.

Hopefully, my local dealer gets one of these as a demo so I can give it a proper ride.

Update: Just got to see the green one. The pictures don’t do the color justice. It’s bloody gorgeous!