Quick Review: iOS8


I noticed that the new iOS update rolled up this morning quite by accident, and I think I got in before the masses swamped Apple’s servers. I threw it on the iPad and iPhone and so far, looks good, though I haven’t really dug in yet…

The download process: It seemed very quick, at first, then wen’t glacial about halfway through. Took about 30 minutes, but the actual update process was quick. Set-up was easy enough and the update did turn on the bluetooth, like it always does. I went ahead and fired up the iCloud files, or whatever they’re calling it these days, even though the calendars, etc. look to not be talking to the laptop now. This is supposed to be sorted with the arrival of the next OSX in a month or so. I can get by ’til then. I mostly use my calendar, notes, etc. on the iOS devices, anyway.

The look isn’t much different. The control panel is cleaned up, you can answer a text from the notifications screen. There’s the addition of a “Tips” app that I wish you could get rid of (you can’t), as well as Podcasts (which, again, you can’t delete.)

The great: Family sharing — you can share multiple iTunes accounts between family members, so now you can watch a movie, music, whatever another in the house has bought on their account. The downside — it uses the initiator of the sharing as the lead and billing for everyone’s iTunes goes through you, looks like. I’ll have to investigate.

Siri is much faster and seems to be able to handle accents a lot better. (My weird mid-Atlantic American/Scots blather confuses the ol’ iPhone most days. It also fills in as you speak, instead of waiting until you’re finished, so you can see where it’s having trouble.

The good: Voice messages in the Messages app. The health app could come in handy.

The “meh”: Addition of a timer for shooting pictures with your mug in them. Time lapse video.

Performance: On the iPhone 5s, iOS8 is giving me no dramatic change in user experience outside of the better voice recognition. On the iPad, I noted the predictive typing slowed performance waaaay the hell down and made typing in Pages almost impossible. I turned it off and it started working well. Predictive typing didn’t come into play on the phone so far today, but i turned it off anyway.

Battery life seems a bit low, but then again, I’m playing with the devices pretty much constantly today to see what they could do so take that into account.

Overall, very pleased.

Busybodies Making Parenting Near Impossible. How ’bout Shutting Up and Minding Your Business?


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I’ve had the old woman flipping out because I left my wee girl in the car to return the shopping cart to the return kiosk 20 seconds away! She threatened to call the cops; I told her to mind her own business.

Here’s an idea for all you meddlesome fucks: Kids should be out, playing, and learning wihtout hysterical parents hovering over them. As when I was a kid in the ’70s, there were supposedly serial killers and child molesters around every corner, in every van, lurking in bushes…they weren’t!

Kids don’t need the planet wrapped in Nerf, and it wouldn’t work anyway, so mind your own business.

Tales From Your Police State: Congress Looking To Destroy 1st Amendment

Here’s the full text of Senate Resolution 19 (SJ Res. 19) — an attempt to push a constitutional amendment to destroy the First Amendment:

Section 1. To advance democratic self-government and political equality, and to protect the integrity of government and the electoral process, Congress and the States may regulate and set reasonable limits on the raising and spending of money by candidates and others to influence elections.

Section 2. Congress and the States shall have power to implement and enforce this article by appropriate legislation, and may distinguish between natural persons and corporations or other artificial entities created by law, including by prohibiting such entities from spending money to influence elections.

Section 3. Nothing in this article shall be construed to grant Congress or the States the power to abridge the freedom of the press.

Emphasis mine.

Where to start..? 1) Why aren’t we hanging everyone that voted to move this out of cloture? There shouldn’t be a one of these bastards left in office, right now.

2) Section one limits candidates as well as “others” in campaign spending. Well, who will be limited, do you think? Maybe the challengers to incumbents?

3) Any legislation may distinguish between people, companies, and special interests…but doesn’t have to. So much for those pesky advocacy groups, corporate interests, or people we don’t much care for.

Think this one through Democrats…if you get this passed and Republicans are in, they could legislate against unions, as much as the National Rifle Association, challengers and their supporters as much as the ACLU.

4) note the one carve out: the press, perennially Democratic.

This is a resolution to protect incumbents in general, and Democrat incumbents in particular. It will have precisely the opposite effect from “advanc[ing] democratic self-government and political equality, and to protect[ing] the integrity of government and the electoral processes. And while they might not think this is going anywhere his time, it’s a trial balloon — a test to see how sharply the stupefied masses will receive it.

Video of Solar System’s Actual Motion

Cut out the dreamy crap about spirals and life at the end and you have a pretty cool video of how the planets actually move around the sun. Now the “old model” they’re describing works just fine when you are looking at just the solar system, but the addition of the movement of the sun does give am interesting perspective…

Return of the Matchless!



Franco Malenotti, the guy who made Belstaff stop sucking, and who helped design the Laverda Jota, RGS, and the Moto Morini 500 turbo, has purchased the Matchless motorcycle marque and appears to be showing the new bike at the EICMA show in Milan this November.

The original Matchless Model X was made from 1929-1940 and was a 990cc V-twin — an engine so well made Brough used it for their SS80 and SS100 bikes. If could hit 80mph.


The new Matchless Model X will do the oil in the frame thing, will have a 1916cc V-twin (I’m guessing S&S — which would be appropriate, as the Matchless mill used to be used by Morgan…) It supposedly has two sets of foot controls, forward-cruising and sport riding rearsets, and the front brake is a 12-piston single-disc with a rear 6-piston unit. The seat can be set to different heights.


2MatchlessXPics cribbed from Cyril Huze’s blog. The comments are generally unflattering, but I suspect that’s because the usual Brit retro crowd thought they were going to get another quasi-modern like the Norton Commando or a Bonnie knockoff. I think Malenotti caught the favor of the original pre-war Model X.

most likely, it’s going to be ridiculously expensive, because I think I’d like one.

Islam Is a Cancer To Be Opposed


Here’s Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger:

And in Austria, the BZO (or Alliance for the Future of Austria) — a party the socialists have branded “fascist” but which a quick look through their party platform show to be a classic liberal economic/social conservative party responded to the Turkish ambassador’s call that the Austrian stop “meddling” in the Turk immigrants “integration” into Austrian (their own) nation…

How ’bout Norway..?

…or France?

Germany..? — “no go zones” for police, as in Britain. At what point to you shift off your ass and save your nation and culture?

From the inestimable MEMRI — In their own words…:

More Proof the “Smart People” in DC Don’t Know What They’re Doing


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So, uh…we’re supposed to gird our loins and go fight ISIS, huh…? Here’s some backstory: know those guys that Obama, McCain, and Graham were DESPERATE to have us sell guns…? ISIS.


Oh, those “moderates” the smart people in the State Department and Congress keep telling us are there in the Middle East? Like the one in the picture above…?

Next question — if these guys are suddenly such a danger to us, doesn’t that make John “Angry Gnome” McCain a supporter of terrorism?


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