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Cawnpore and Perseus are now available in the Createspace eStore and on (and other bookstores.) Buy a physical copy of either from Amazon, get the eBook free.

Coming soon: Hercules, the not-a-sequel to Perseus.

Napolitano on the Burgeoning American Surveillance State


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Here is the judge — one of the better legal minds of our times — hawking his new book  Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty

Protestors Shut Down Brussels Over TIPP Treaty



Farmers and other free trade opponents staged a protest in Brussels Friday to oppose the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership — an attempt to create a “single market”, or more specifically to reduce tariffs and other regulatory barriers to trade. This, of course, is terrifying to the Europeans, who are used to protectionist policies that insulate their producers from competition — especially in agricultural markets.

Here’s what some of the protestors has to say:

Beneath all the bitching about food quality, or heritage, or tradition is the real issue: the agricultural producers of Europe are antediluvian in their methods of production, and no matter the quaintness of protecting their traditions of farming, they know they’ll get creamed by American (and even more so by Canadian by way of TAFTA) Big Agro. And how about that cheap Mexican labor? TAFTA might provide European countries with a better option that the work 30 hours, get paid for 40 nonsense of nations like France.

The complaints about corporatism are the typical socialist and union claptrap disguising the main concern: government technocrats would have a harder time regulating business and the markets to the benefit of their union or European corporate clients.

So Just Who Is Profiting On Gasoline?



ExxonMobil’s 2013 earning report showed the company made a whopping $0.055 per gallon of gasoline sold. Compare that to the $0.18 that the federal government makes on a gallon (unless the Democrats get their way and get an increase…and judging from this week, I’m not sure the GOP leadership is going to do much more than roll over and lick Democrat scrotum.) The rest of the taxes that make your gas so damned high? Well that’s you states. The US average is $0.4928 per gallon.

Imagine what you could do with, say, $9 more in your pocket a fill-up (for a standard midsize car.) Imagine how that would effect the cost of shipping things, hence the price of other

Here’s a interactive map from the American Petroleum Institute to show how much in gas taxes you are paying. Or you can just look at the total average below.


Regulations Killing School Choice in Louisiana


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After Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the infrastructure and bureaucracies of southern Louisiana, education saw an explosion of innovation in styles of education, and different modes of school administration that have increased test scores and graduation rates. From private schools, to charter schools, and other educational arrangements, the move away from warehousing kids for eight hours a day and teaching to half-baked “standards” is working.

So of course, the entrenched interests want to stomp on this improvement as quickly as possible. From the state and local governments that want your tax money, to the educators unions that desperately need public school administrators (because they don’t do s#!t for the teachers) to fill their ranks and coffers, to the technocrats that want to dumb down your kids for a profit (Hi, Houghton McMillan, Pearson Education, ETS, and Microsoft!) — there’s a lot of money and control to be lost over children with school choice.

Because it’s not about the children…it’s about your money.

Open Theft: The 3 Most Fee-Happy Cities in the US


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“When you have towns like those in St. Louis county that get in some cases, 40 percent of their municipal revenue in fines and fees, they have chosen a very expensive way of taxing their population, one that creates maximum hassle and maximum hostility,” says Walter Olson, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and creator of the blog Overlawyered.

But it’s not just the cities that are nickel-and-diming you. Think about the taxes that you don’t see (unless you look for them): a third of your airline ticket? Fees and taxes. How about that cell phone bill? Oh…about a third the price. Sales tax. Access fees. Parking fees. Speeding tickets. Water usage fines. Fines for your grass being too tall. Fees to modify your house. (You know — that “property you supposedly own, until you miss your property taxes..?) Late fees for your taxes. Asset forfeiture — how dare you have money on you when you are stopped for a traffic violation!

Every single aspect of your life has some government official reaching into your pocket. Every time your political class passes a new law, there’s fees or taxes attached so they can fund the bureaucracy that must manage and enforce the new law. Most new laws have no other function that to excuse more useless ticks living off of your labor; they create a need for the bureaucracy they want to fund. It is the only reason these people exist — to convince you that you need them, so they can steal from you.

16th Anniversary of BS Study That Has Led to Millions of Deaths


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Hey, anti-vaccination people — you’re actions are irresponsible, based on one bogus study — he made it all up — and you’re selfish idiocy is putting everyone around you at risk.

Click to embiggen and get learned…


Tom Harkin Looks to Steal Pell Grant Money to Give to Student Loan Contractors


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It’s a good thing this waste of human flesh is finally leaving the Senate after decades of living on the backs of the American people. (Thanks for the that, by the way, Iowa…) How does this dirtbag celebrate his retirement? He wants to snag $303 million from the Pell Grant program to give as guarantee money to student loan contractors. That’s not all — he’s wanted to gut the program for $2 billion to bail out other federal programs.

So much for the Democrats desire to provide affordable education to the masses.

To be fair, the Pell programs is already $3.6 billion underwater, because your federal employees cant count don’t have any incentive to restrain spending, leading to massive inflation in educational costs from academics that live like poor people winning the lottery. It’s not their money, after all.

At a time when the federal government owns over $1 trillion in student loans, a quarter of which are in default or delinquency, forcing more people to take loans might be, oh, stupid…until you realize the federal government owns those loans and stands to make about $80 billion on interest payments. They want you in debt to the federal government, and don’t much care how that debt is serviced. Then they own you. After all, it’s the only debt you cannot bankrupt out of.

Quote of the Day: Thomas B Reed


One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils in this world are to be cured by legislation.

– Thomas Brackett Reed, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, 1889-1891 and 1895-1899


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