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I Can’t Figure Out If Obama Is Just a Liar, or Stupid and a Liar


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Here’s the quasi-retired president telling us how good we have it…we just don’t know it:

1) Unemployment is at 6.1% because of the massive amount of people who have left the workplace.

2) There’s been almost no private sector growth — 1.8-2.2% — and it hasn’t kept up with inflation. ..

3) …and deficits? Really, this prat is going to claim he’s cut deficits? Mr. $1.5 Trillion a Year in the Hole is going claim he’s cut the federal deficit. The word you’re looking for is “bullshit.”

4) Corporations are doing better? So f#$%ing what — how’s the man on the street doing, between the high gas and food prices, the taxes and federal fees on everything you can think of, and crushing debt for most students?

So right here, Mr. President (I am gesturing to my crotch), you lying sack of monkey crap.

First Impressions: BMW R nineT


Here’s a quick impression i got test riding a consignment R nineT at the local dealership here in Albuquerque:

1) It’s f#$%ing beautiful: I hate the Eurotrash touring/adventure look that BMW does with all it’s bikes. This one, on the other hand, looks fantastic! The black and brushed chrome really sets it off, and the classic single round headlamp looks better than the polygonal, mismatched sizes ever will. Everything about is nicely finished, and the look of the whole bike just flows.

p90135042-highres-12) It’s powerful: The power comes on fast, and the bike really nips along. I never got out of 4th, even at highway speeds. The engine has a nice feel to it, shifts quietly and easily, but at stoplights has a thumping, urgent sort of noise and feel that smooths out as soon as you are moving.

3) It can stop…Lordy, can it stop. The Brembos on this are almost too powerful, but the ABS keeps you from locking them up. Actually found this a bit off-putting.

4) Comfort: the saddle is comfortable, if a bit too wide for me. The seating position is very nice — about the same feel as a Bonneville. That said…the stock bars were too wide; almost dirt-bike like. I felt I had to work a lot more than I do on other machines to turn her. Bringing us to..

5) Handling: It turns well enough, but the handlebars coupled with the fatter tires than I’m used to made her feel unresponsive and I nearly went too wide in a turn that I would have hooked with no issues on my Thruxton.

6) Overall — It’s a nice standard-style bike with a lot of potential for personalization, but it’s not $14,000+ nice. Sorry, Beemer fans, but there it is. This was aimed at the cafe/retro crowd and stylistically its competition is the Thruxton and the new Honda. But in reality, performance-wise, it’s more aimed at the naked sportbike crowd, so when comparing it to the Thruxton, the numbers are going to vastly favor this bike.

But here’s the thing — maybe it’s because I was very cognizant this was someone else’s bike, I found the RnineT experience a bit disconcerting. It was fast and stopped well, no doubt, but she felt heavy — despite being about the same weight as my Triumph — and I thought the maneuverability was lacking. New bars might correct that. The motor had a lot of character, especially at idle, and it’s a supermodel looks-wise…but when I hopped on my Thruxton afterward, I felt she handled much better, gave better input to the rider about what it was doing, felt lighter, had a more smooth motor, and…well, for the price was a better bike for popping around town.

Would I turn down the gift of an R nineT? Nope! Trade my Thruxton for one? Nope.

Voted Most Distinguished Gentleman in Albuquerque


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The 2014 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is rode, and yours truly took the prize for Most Dapper Gent, although Trixie lost out to a lovely ’70s Honda 500Four.





One Day to Go: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride


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I will be riding in the 2014 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, which I assisted in organizing, here in Albuquerque. We are riding in fancy dress, proper attire, post-war period costuming to raise money for prostate cancer.

It might not be as trendy as brest cancer or pouring ice water over yourself for ALS, but it’s a good cause — so pop over to my homepage on the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride page and donate some dosh!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Klits...they get the pussy.

Klits…they get the pussy.

..and what I’m riding: Trixie, my 2010 Triumph Thruxton:


Quote of the Day: Ludwig von Mises


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History has witnessed the failure of many endeavors to impose peace by war, cooperation by coercion, unanimity by slaughtering dissidents…A lasting order cannot be established by bayonets.

– Ludwig von Mises

But we keep trying…


Islamic Murder Comes to America


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“The Turk is at the door” used to be a warning Europeans heard about Islam, but it’s not at your door — it’s in your favorite chair, smoking your cigars and watching your TV after having just murdered your wife…

A Muslim convert, Alton Nolen, just brought the beheading craze to the United States. Nolen — a drug user, had been in prison (and escaped) for drug crimes, and had previously assaulted a police officer. This model citizen had just been fired from Vaughan Foods and showed up to go on the typical workplace violence kick yesterday afternoon. He stabbed and beheaded the first victim, stabbed another, before the company’s COO, Mark Vaughan (also a reserve county deputy) shot his ass. Of course, this scumbag isn’t dead.

This isn’t just a workplace violence issue — although the press is going to play it as one — this is another example of the violence inherent in Islam. Get ready of more of this, unless Americans push back.

Shooting Range Stereotypes

Ah, yes…I know I’ve seen a bunch of these.

The local shooting range does a bunch of training courses and the former military and contractor guys are way to into the Central Axis Relock and C-Clamp bullshit. They’re not any better shots for it — it just looks tacticool. The CAR “check your six” whiplash thing? Stupid. The over the barrel hold for rifles? Great if you don’t need those iron sights. (But the modified Rambo..? That totally works. Totes.)

Three things make you a good shot: practice, find the grip that works for you…and practice. Think about all those amazing rifle(wo)men and pistoleers across the last two centuries — their stances and holds were what worked for them — but in the end, they shot. A lot.


Scenes From the “People’s” Climate March


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I don’t know what’s worse — the half-assed communist regurgitation, the awful “hey, this is just like the ’60s” folk music, or the aging hipsters we’re seeing in the video all look to have done pretty well for themselves with capitalism…


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